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Vocabulary summary

Class Property Value Label Comment
@prefix rdf:<>
@prefix rdfs:<>
@prefix owl:<>
@prefix owl2:<>
@prefix xsd:<>
@prefix flyanat:<>
@prefix flyatlas:<>
flyatlas:ProbeDataprobe dataData derived from a given Affymetrix probe
flyatlas:affy_id1 :: xsd:stringprobe idAffymetrix microarray probe identifier (oligo)
flyatlas:fly_mean1 :: xsd:floatfly mean4-sample mean expression level for whole fly
flyatlas:fly_SEM1 :: xsd:floatfly SEMStandard error of 4-sample means (SEM) for whole fly
flyatlas:fly_present1 :: xsd:floatfly present countNumber of samples for whole fly in which gene product is detected
flyatlas:brain1 :: flyatlas:TissueValsbrain tissue valuesResult values for brain tissue samples
flyatlas:head1 :: flyatlas:TissueValshead tissue valuesResult values for head tissue samples
flyatlas:crop1 :: flyatlas:TissueValscrop tissue valuesResult values for crop tissue samples
flyatlas:midgut1 :: flyatlas:TissueValsmidgut tissue valuesResult values for midgut tissue samples
flyatlas:hindgut1 :: flyatlas:TissueValshindgut tissue valuesResult values for hindgut tissue samples
flyatlas:tubule1 :: flyatlas:TissueValstubule tissue valuesResult values for tubule tissue samples
flyatlas:ovary1 :: flyatlas:TissueValsovary tissue valuesResult values for ovary tissue samples
flyatlas:testis1 :: flyatlas:TissueValstestis tissue valuesResult values for testis tissue samples
flyatlas:acc1 :: flyatlas:TissueValsaccessory gland valuesResult values for accessory gland tissue samples
flyatlas:l_tubule1 :: flyatlas:TissueValslarval tubule valuesResult values for larval tubule tissue samples
flyatlas:l_fatbody1 :: flyatlas:TissueValslarval fatbody valuesResult values for larval fatbody tissue samples
flyatlas:ta_ganglion1 :: flyatlas:TissueValsthoracico-abdominal ganglion valuesResult values for thoracico-abdominal ganglion tissue samples
flyatlas:carcass1 :: flyatlas:TissueValscarcass tissue valuesResult values for carcass tissue samples
flyatlas:sgland1 :: flyatlas:TissueValssalivary gland valuesResult values forsalivary gland tissue samples
flyatlas:TissueValstissue valuesData derived from single tissue type
flyatlas:tissue_type1 :: flyanat:FBbt_00007001tissue typeTissue type: OBO foundry fly anatomy “anatomical structure”
flyatlas:t_change1 :: xsd:stringt-test change from whole flyT-test change of direction from whole fly: up, down, none
flyatlas:mean1 :: xsd:floatmean of samplesMean expression level over 4 tissue samples
flyatlas:sem1 :: xsd:floatstandard error of meanStandard error of mean over 4 tissue samples (SEM)
flyatlas:present1 :: xsd:intpresent countNumber of tissue samples in which gene product is detected
flyatlas:ratio1 :: xsd:floatratioRatio of expression level in tissue compared with whole fly
flyanat:FBbt_00007001tissue typeTissue type: OBO foundry fly anatomy “anatomical structure”
^ rdf:subClassOfflyanat:FBbt_00005095brain tissueOBO foundry: 'brain'
^ rdf:subClassOfflyanat:FBbt_00000004head tissueOBO foundry: 'head'
^ rdf:subClassOfflyanat:FBbt_00003133crop tissueOBO foundry: 'crop'
-- In fly anatomy, this is not subclass of “anatomical structure”
^ rdf:subClassOfflyanat:FBbt_00005383midgut tissueOBO foundry: 'midgut'
^ rdf:subClassOfflyanat:FBbt_00005384hindgut tissueOBO foundry: 'hindgut'
^ rdf:subClassOfflyanat:FBbt_00005786Malpighian tubule tissueOBO foundry: 'Malpighian tubule' (kidney)
^ rdf:subClassOfflyanat:FBbt_00004865ovary tissueOBO foundry: 'ovary'
^ rdf:subClassOfflyanat:FBbt_00004928testis tissueOBO foundry: 'testis'
-- In fly anatomy, this is not subclass of “anatomical structure”
^ rdf:subClassOfflyanat:FBbt_00004959male accessory gland tissueOBO foundry: 'male accessory gland'
^ rdf:subClassOfflyanat:FBbt_00001896larval Malpighian tubule tissueOBO foundry: 'larval Malpighian tubule'
^ rdf:subClassOfflyanat:FBbt_00005711larval fatbody tissueOBO foundry: 'larval fat body'
-- In fly anatomy, this is not subclass of “anatomical structure”
^ rdf:subClassOfflyanat:FBbt_00004052thoracico-abdominal ganglion tissueOBO foundry: 'thoracico-abdominal ganglion'
-- In fly anatomy, this is not subclass of “anatomical structure”
^ rdf:subClassOfflyanat:carcasscarcass tissueOBO foundry: '...'
^ rdf:subClassOfflyanat:FBbt_00005382salivary gland tissueOBO foundry: 'salivary gland'
-- In fly anatomy, this is not subclass of “anatomical structure”
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