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The ADMIRAL Project: A Data Management Infrastructure for Research Across the Life sciences

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ADMIRAL is a project of the Image Bioinformatics Research Group and is funded by the JISC.

The purpose of the ADMIRAL Project is to create a two-tier federated data management infrastructure for use by life science researchers, that will provide services (a) to meet their local data management needs for the collection, digital organization, metadata annotation and controlled sharing of biological datasets; and (b) to provide an easy and secure route for archiving annotated datasets to an institutional repository, The Oxford University Data Store, for long-term preservation and access, complete with assigned Digital Object Identifiers and Creative Commons open access licences.

As such, it seeks to promote datasets as first class information objects, and particularly aims to serve the ‘long tail’ of small research groups that do not have the resources to create their own data management tools. It will form part of Oxford's contributions to the UK Research Data Service pathfinder activities (, providing a working exemplar of data management of real biological research datasets provided by bench and field research scientists.

The project is more fully explained in the ADMIRAL Project Case for Support.

Project infrastructure

Databank code

Project management

Project meetings

Research user meetings

Other project meetings

Test user requirements and data management and audit notes

  • DCC Data management plan template - ADMIRAL Data Management Plan Template
  • A brief ADMIRAL Project Introduction for participating researchers [Word document, 74 kb] is available here.
  • ADMIRAL Research Data Survey [Word document, 144 kb] is available here.
  • ADMIRAL Data Lab Notebook [Word document, 144 kb] is available here.

Repository submission requirements

Technical issues


Technical notes

  • For information about generating, updating and configuring ADMIRAL systems, see Zakynthos Configuration. These notes are not ideally organized, but they do refer to the key steps that need to be performed to install or update an ADMIRAL system.

ADMIRAL Project Code Structure


Diagnostic tools


Operational Procedure

Operational notes

JISC Programme and related pages

This includes an overview of the the #jiscmrd projects, materials provided by the support projects, example data management plans and DCC training materials.

Related work

ADMIRAL project personnel

Principal investigator: Dr David Shotton

Project manager: Graham Klyne

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